Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 11:21:08 -1000

From: Shubhojoy Mitra <>
Subject: Hi... are you back yet?!!!

Hi Rodney,

Back at Maui yet?
Sent a couple of photogrpahs to Bronson after you
Hope you had a good trip.

Meanwhile lots of new developments:

1) Exhibition was extended for a day to allow
correspondent from Inside/Outside to visit anbd
interview. Met her... old friend of Mrs. Bhagat. She
sugeested I write for their Millenium issue about our
exhbition!!! More national level coverage... Inside
Outside is a mag on interior decoration, landscaping
and architecture quite popular in India. Should add
that you have a interior decoration diploma too... any
projects you'd like to mention?

2)Slide shows, photos, etc. will be sent to youi over
this week. I will write to Allan now and ask him to
set up that FTP site... maybe I should just put up
things in eobit in a special folder where you can
access and dwndld that stuff.

3) Hey, you looked great on Star TV. The coverage was
was pretty good!!! Got some of it recorded and will
ship cassette with the book! Will try to capture it
digitally to if possible. Next Saturday ATN Bangla
beamed form Hong Kong and reaching out to huge
audiences in south asia will show the two of us too.
My brother's also got it captured in that wee digicam
of his... but I am looking for a cable to get that
transfered into my box.

4)I have contacted a friend of my sister called PK...
you met her at the wedding but I guess might not
recall ... she works for a weekly at gangtok besides
teaching at a high school at Gangtok, Sikkim. Have
made plans to take our show up there to the Himalayan
state (north of Darjeeling and sharing international
boundaries with Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet). Gangtok is
pretty well connected to the Net for an Indian city
and cyberculture is popular with the majority Nepali
and Sikkimese youth. Mrs. Bhagat and Vaishali are
ready to go too. On the way down, we can also hold the
show at Darjeeling with Priti and her mother's help.
Whaddya say?

Also working on Gangtok, Sikkim (Himalayan state north of
West Bengal and Darjeeling.

Gangtok -- Darjeeling --- then maybe, Mumbai (Bombay)
-- Bangkok --- ... Milano --- St. Petersburg ... New
York ... with CB promos all the way...

5) Going to printers for book, etc.

Will send the plans, work roadmap asap...
Looks like am gonna be more busy than ever!!!

Getting in touch with ms Rebello too (CEO,Caltiger)...

Best wishes to you and your fanily...

Missing you already!!!