The India lst International Digital Art Exhibition Opening Reception
December 11, 1999, Oxford Bookstore and Gallery, Calcutta, India



opening1.jpg (19096 bytes)

Lighting candles ceremony officially opens show,
nice 2000 ringing in touch of class!




opening5.jpg (94602 bytes)
Mrs. Maina Bhagat, gallery director,  delivers formal
greetings to the opening audience




opening1c.jpg (74428 bytes)

Pygoya takes turn lighting a candle, other lit by
Mrs. Bhagat of Oxford and Steve Labensky of
U.S. Consultate American Center




opening2.jpg (26390 bytes)

Mr. Steve Labensky of American Center
gives opening greetings; was formerly a New York
City art museum director




opening3.jpg (85346 bytes)

Then it's Pygoya's turn to welcome all to Cyberart of the Web




opening4.jpg (32033 bytes)

Presentation of gift work to the US Consulate American
Center; courtesy of Maui Giclee print company


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