Sample of Indian Money


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100 rupees bank note

$1 US = 43 rupees


1999, Calcutta, what it costs


2-5 rupees  - for beggars

10-20 rupees - a week's tip for hotel workers

300-350 rupees - for dhoti Indian men's shirt

50-150 rupees - taxi rides of around the city

2 rupees - bus

2 rupees - admission ticket into Victoria Memorial

800 rupees - lavish luncheon for 2 at Park Hotel, Indian Resturant

1100 ruppes - bowl of seafood soup noodle for l (I think I got riped off), Park Hotel, Chinese Restaurant

21,500 rupees to make color catalog for digital art show

38,528 rupees at Park Hotel of Park Street for l week (5 star hotel)

8,127 rupees at Bengal Chambers for l week  (not a 5 star hotel)

600 rupees for cheap no frills Yashika camera with film

65 rupees cover charge to enter Park Hotel Disco

30 rupees for a Coke in a bottle, without ice please

800 rupees for l women's Saree dress, a girls dress + bracelets

1000 rupees, dinner for 4 in nice downtown restaurant

65 rupees - disco Indian beer

65 rupees - all my laundry, washed and shirts pressed, around
12 pieces

books - same priced as US, at Oxford Bookstore & Gallery

note - handed a crippled street person this 100 rupee bill, friend
said his shocked look probably means he never got this before
or possibly even saw it in his life.



$1 US = 43 rupees