- Maina Bhagat,Gallery  Director, Oxford Gallery and Bookstore, Calcutta, India


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Eleena Banik


Having received her art education at Kala Bhavan, Santiniketan, Eleena Banik has already made her mark in paintings, which stand out for their passionate intensity and powerful lines.  Her initial works were monochromatic but of late she has evolved to burning yellows and raw reds, painting primordial emotions.   Drawing on some of the traditional themes of her Indian background, hers is nevertheless the realm of human experience in the modern world.  Yet we also see the gentle landscapes of Santiniketan in direct contrast with the starkness of urban culture.  

Eleena spent nearly the whole of 1998 travelling in the UK and Europe and this has opened as many windows for her as the morning does for homes around us.  Apart from studying at the Glasgow School of Art for a year with the Charles Wallace India Trust scholarship, she took good looks at major art museums around Russia, Europe, which with its mindboggling array of visual arts, has left a lasting impression on her creative urges, has been making her go back to the roots of paintings in the continent.  And, as a true and alert person of arts, she amalgamates several non-art aspects of life in her mind's canvas as well.  While she was touring Europe, the Kosovo issue was shaking it to the core.  It was a learning process for her, this mingling of geo-political and racial upheavals as well as with homelessness which adds a fair measure of uncertainty to occidental culture...

- Sujata Sen, Manager Arts and Culture (East India), The British Council, 1999


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