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Shubhojoy Mitra

To all those for whom art is a favourite form of
personal expression, to all for whom technology is a
means with which to communicate, share ideas,
brainwaves, inspired madness and cherished causes with
the rest of the world, I welcome you to join us and
participate in the First INDIA International Digital
Art Exhibition by visiting the Oxford Bookstore Art
Gallery, Calcutta during the the exhibiton (10th
December to 17th December 1999) or online at

The contemporary Indian art world, while keeping
abreast with the latest developments in the rest of
the world, has a separate space and identity of its
own. As such the Indian artistsic community today is
often caught between the aesthetics governed by
primarily late 19th and 20th century artistic trends
of the west and the indigenous art forms and motifs of
the sub-continent's rich visual heritage. For
outsiders as well as the country's art enthusiasts,
this is a somewhat peculiar situation difficult to
classify and sometimes even difficult to comprehend.

While some artists have consciously tried retaining an
Indian flavour by working with forms derived from
genres which can be clearly classified as sufficiently
indigenous, others have relied on imported media and
aesthetic rules discovered in the west or the far
east. Still others have made a fusion of the two both
in terms of form and content with intriguing results.
As to how much this art reflects the contemporary
Indian culture and social dynamics depends on the
artists' honesty in their pursuit of unique visions.

The place for "cyberart" or "digital" art in this
milieu is almost unheard of. There has been
experiments with this new tool, there have been
exhibitons organized by the brave new techno-savvy
generation. But, by and large, this new medium
continues to be ignored as a creative tool by the
practitioners of one of the most refined creative
activities pursued by man: painting.

When we approach cyberart or digital art from India,
or any other country for that matter, let us remember
art trancends geographical boundaries, cultures and
sub-cultures, and perhaps the borders of common and
everyday dreams in the effort to express that which
has never been articulated, seen or heard. Our desire
to classify art according to periods, formal elements
or cultures may be justified for the purpose of
research, but vieiwing art as a complete experience in
itself is surely a very satisfying activity, or at
least a unique one.

What is making this event possible today in the
frontier-less cyberspace. Data bits flowed to and fro
through the "digital nervous system of mankind", the
Internet; thus an artist half way across the world
uploads his dream-images before breakfast to another
just finishing his dinner. The exhibiton has a dual
purpose: to bring the community of dedicated
cyberartists across the continents in one place so
their combined artistic presence awakes Indian
art-lovers, and indeed the world at large, to the new
trend in painting and to foster friendship among the
artistic community working with digital tools so they
can share the experiences of their latest adventures
with digital tools.

Without the support of Internet's Pygoya, the "Disco
Doc" of the seventies, one of the pioneers of cyberart
and digital painter for the last 15 years, this show
would have remained a distant dream. It was his
brainchild to begin with, and his inspiration and
continuing support (also the tons of e-mails over the
last three months), :), that is responsible for the
exhibition taking place in Calcutta today and possibly
other cities across the world in the next millenium.

I would like to thank Oxford Book Store and Art
Gallery, especially Mrs. Bhagat, for their instant
support for the event, generous help in organizing the
exhibition, providing free gallery space in a
centrally located region of the city and sensitivity
and foresight to look at Cyberart as a promising trend
in the field of art.

Last, but not the least, thank you fellow cyberartists
from four different continents taking part for your
warm, enthusaiastic reponse and encouragement. I hope
we will meet again and again on similiar occasions
online or in real life!

Co-organizer: Shubhojoy Mitra

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