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Oxford Bookstore and Gallery

Oxford Bookstore and Gallery is one of the intellectural hot spots of Calcutta.  Here visitors and customers enjoy availability of a huge inventory of books and an art gallery with coffee brewing close by in the adjacent cafe.

historical email communication-

November 15, 1999-

On behalf of Oxford Book Store Gallery, I welcome you
and the group of artists to Calcutta and to display
your work at our gallery. We have formatted the
exhibiton and Shubhojoy will keep you informed about
this. We feel that the exhibition should be
inaugurated on Saturday, 11th December instead of the
10th. As you arrive on the 9th, you can be present to
add the final touches to the display.

I shall be approaching the US Consul, Mr. Christopher
Sandrolini to be the chief guest and the invitation
card is being designed.


Caltiger - a Calcutta ISP company that is providing the funds for  printed inviations
and exhibition catalog with full color images.


Virtual Gallery of Digital Art - Web site of Indian digital artist Shubhojoy Mitra of Calcutta - Web site of Indian artist Yogi Chopra of Mumbai (Bombay)

Webmaster Yogi Chopra, manages this colorful Web site that exalts the coming of digital art to India with the energy and spirit of youth. An Indian version of this historic digital exhibit is at Yogi's own site.

I am Yogi Chopra, a resident of Mumbai, India. My interest in Computers and the Internet has led me to believe that Digital Art IS the Art of the Future. I have therefore developed my site- which aims at creating awareness about this form of art in India, where it is still in it's nascent stages. The site provides a platform to upcoming and professional artists from India and abroad. - online virtual art museum dedicated to cyberarts as indigenous fine arts of the World Wide Web's cyberculture; complete with actual virtual reality (vrml) galleries of art that house the museum's growing online collection of cyberart, or digital art created specifically to contribute to the emerging online global Cyberculture of the Internet. Pygoya, Webist,  life's work is archived in the Pygoya Webmuseum of CyberartThe Rave Webmuseum of Cyberart features the best digital art searched and found and inducted into its online collection.   Webmuseum Theater showcases digital animation in a simulated theater room setting and a library of comprehensive digital art and Cyberculture resources is a treasure found by students, teachers, artists and historians alike.


Maui Giclee Print Company - provides the highest quality digital print output for digital as well as traditional two-dimensional art. The company is located on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui in the town of Kihei.


Cyberbrains.Net - is a Web site publishing company in Calcutta.


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