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An Art Review

 Inner Visions 2000

A Review of the 1st India International Digital Art Exhibition


by Kaylor Bach


The 1st India International Digital Art Exhibition includes the work
of 13 artists. The featured artist is Pygoya, whose 12 digital paintings
comprise a group of related works. "
Shuchismita's Wedding"is bright
and distinct with a sense of zero gravity! No reference is made to the
mundane, photo-realistic, snap-shot world. This is not about "The
World"! This is about the inexpressible, irrepressible, longings of the
human soul.These are snap-shots of the inner eye as it visualizes the
contents   of the mind.   "Bronze Work Cyberspace" is the second in
the series.    Here we see an  industrial  nightmare    juxtaposed    with
pre-Columbian  art to  create  an  inner landscape of    mystery  and
imagination where  Godzilla might   feel more at home then would the
family dog! The artists effortlessly   blends into one cohesive image
elements  from  diverse times and places to electronically create an
interior landscapethat exists nowhere else! "Cyber Lullaby" is a floral
abstraction  cast in platinum and sprayed with fluorescent translucent
colors! What a beautiful sight this one is, just likea Polynesian jungle in
the moonlight as seen by a  grasshopper!   "Madame in White" is as
ghostly and pale as  the others ones are blazingly bright. This image
is filled with classical overtones and historical references.  Soft and
evanescent light suffuses the scene with a mystical quality. "Cyber-
space in November"  is a Medieval looking scene if ever there was
one.   From a distance it looks like a battle scene by Paulo Uccello
or a drunken harvest scene by Peter Bruegel the Elder. The play of
light and  shadow  enhances  the  feeling of  motion and merriment.
This could easily be a time lapse image of the Millenium parties that
are soon the be held worldwide!   "Cyberart Dungeon"-  Aptly titled,
this piece is gloomy and depressing.  Almost solid darkness prevails.
An impenetrable image of the most obscure sort.  Let's hope that the
artist survived! "Cybermarket Place"-This has the feel of early Euro-
pean abstract art. Kandinsky and Klee come to mind as well as Miro.
Looking deeper  I sense a  shadowy figure  on horseback emerging
from the mist.    "Enchanted Forest" has  a gem-like quality, with a
soft inner  glow as  well as lots of reflective surfaces that shine and
sparkle  in  the cool moonlight.    The surfaces  are so old   and worn
looking!   "CyberSpace in October"- This one belongs with the other
dark and obscure images.Thick and impenetrable atmosphere shrouds
rock-like surfaces.  Nothing is moving  or breathing,  here  is the dead
of  night and no one is awake!   "Messenger" holds more promise for
a  bright tomorrow than  the preceding two images do.   Here we see a
large verdant cyberscape with a beanstalk growing in the foreground!
By this device  the artist connects  heaven and earth in  one   instant!
Quite a miraculous happening in any medium. This is a Botticelli-like
abstract  with springtime in  the air and  angels in the wings. "Cyber-
Goat"-another in the series of nightmarish images.Here we encounter
a skeletal goat  who looks like he's on  his last legs.   Hardly a cheery
note on which to bid goodbye to the old. But, why not if this is what the
past really is? Maybe its just an old goat! In which case we can happily
release  the  past and  look forward  to  a  much   improved  tomorrow
(free from dead goads!).    "eCalcutta" - Oh, Calcutta!    Ancient cities
have a life all their own. Calcutta is such a city. Packed solid with the
souls of  millions upon  millions.   A bee-hive of human activity. Never
sleeping, never resting, pulsing and throbbing with life! Humanity at its
most diverse;  geographically unified!   This is  the  beginning and  the
end of the world all in one vision! 


Next Artist...Linda Martin.   "Earthly Delights" - This   is  the color-
consciousness crash course! It's all there in miniature; the way colors
work. Of course no one can explain it, just how colors do in fact work,
but  artists are  always happy  to   show  us  that   which  we can  not
explain. "CyberDemon" -Well, I would not want this fellow hanging
around  in MY living-room!  "Resurrection"- This is a worthy theme
which  could  be pushed a lot further.   The concept  is really vast and
has endless implications, few of which have been explored here. Still
there is a strong and compelling image of a biblical story that most of
all have come across in one way or another already. Does this shed
any new light on the story? What say the viewers?


ANSGARD THOMSON   - "The Cloning of Life"- One of the big
events in the scientific world has been the cloning of life. Here the
artist portrays this accomplishment in a schematic sort of way that
might  be decipherable in  many places  throughout the  planet and
throughout the Universe! "Cheers in Cyberspace"-Ray tracing can
do amazing things... here  we see the effect on  translucent spheres.
The ability to do complex calculations is what we are seeing evidence
of in  this traditional  computer graphic tour-de-force.    "Highlights
Celebration" is my favorite! The whirling pyrotechnic look is perfect
for a New Years art show!


YOGI CHOPRA - "Man" 1999- "Man" is an intriguing piece! Simple
and  unified,  this  is a strong work of  art.  No one  need explain this
image, like all inspired  art, there  is  a  naturalness and   wholesome-
ness to this image that invite the viewer to experience a peaceful and
beatific vision.


S. MITRA -"Eye" is a fetching piece of work. Very demonic is the
color and black. But the image seems to transcend this
sub-terrainian origin and to sparkle with life, at least momentarily.
"Net" is  an  interestingly  pregnant concept.   There are  so many
meanings for  the word,  starting  with "fish net" and   ending  with
"Inter-Net"!  This "spiraling into hell" version is a bit of a downer
wouldn't you agree?  "Point and Click" has a childlike quality that
may in fact mask an adult personality. The real question that I ask
myself with childlike stuff done by adults is this..."is this childlike or
childish?" Whatever medium we use there is a real need to doodle.
Whether the artist should then go ahead and publish these images is
another  question I leave  up the viewer to decide.  "Pretty"- This is
a wonderful work of art. I like the fresh, simple outlines. Here is art
from the heart.  What a tribute to true love. .   "Seahorses"- Here
we have a quick sketch that could easily be a watercolor."


CATHERINE YAKOVINA-"People Have Hope-Red and green are
Christmas colors.  This is a  hopeful time of year for the followers of
Jesus and  for those who love all of the great and  saintly teachers of
truth of all times and all places! Catherine's paintings are so personal
and emotionally charged!   She feels deeply and  we can  feel it , too!
That is what  art is all about...  non-verbal communication!  One would
like to  meet  this artist and  have a  long chat,  don't you   think  so?
"Children and Information"-This painting is like a mosaic of repeating
images. From a distance they seem to whirl and  heard this phrase?...
"The eyes are the windows of the soul."Subject is in the dark foreground
looking  just like a ghost,  possible levels on  which to read this image,
which makes it all the more charming.


SONG KU SUNG - "Mechanism"- Looking like the inside of a clock,
this is a computer graphic natural.  Just how to construct such an images
is  not so  obvious, however.    This could  be the inside   of  a computer
chip or the brain of a mite!


TONY TSENG - "Rain in the Sun"- Tropical urban landscape...this
is not  New York or  Paris or London!    "Red Earth"-  Graffiti-like
images scratched onto the screen. Here we are in timeless time and
specials space,  speculating on  the size of the Universe!    "Holiday
Sky"- Another in the series of Urban Tropics... lush color, bright and
clear sky,  buildings taller than mountains tower overhead.


JOHN RIXON-  "Stack the Odds"-  Very painterly abstract! Hans
Hoffman would dig it!  I think it's super, actually. There isn't enough
non-photo-realistic  art out there on  the Net!   So lets hear it for the
abstractionists!   "Hanging On"- More fifties abstract.  It's a worthy
tradition and he does it justice here in this one!   "Running from the
Simpletons"-My favorite of the three.  Lovely blending of lush color.


GREGORY HOOSE - "Flying"- The concept of flight is not limited
to flying machines.  The mind can also travel to distant places when
the body is at rest.  This we all do in our dreams, and some also do
this while fully awake in prayer and in meditation and in all sincere
worship.    "Garuda"- An ancient story.    Retold in living color and
fully detailed  with  imagery and  scenery from  the times of   yore!
This is a beautiful piece of illustration!  "Sitaglen"-Here is a dream
like image that is also very real! Who is this buxom female leading
the reindeer?  Where are they going?  Where do they come from? 
Is there life on  other worlds?   These and other questions come to
mind  as we look into these hidden worlds.


KOLJA TATIC   -  "Blue Meeting" -  Surreal and dreamlike scenes
float  in   front of  the two  shadowy  protagonists.     What  are   they
discussing? Is THIS a very refined architectonic vision of purgatory?
"Courtyard"-  An altarpiece of modern  angst, perhaps. The lighting is
beautiful, the stonework immaculate, but where is the beautiful maiden?



LARRY LOVETT -  "Alienia"-  Who  is  this person?   An  angel
perhaps, or an inhabitant of a neighboring planet, or perhaps from
a nearby gallaxy! She is not the girl next door, that much we know.
"Two Hearts"- A  sentimental piece of work. Needs a little wine to
go  with  it  perhaps.    "Glowset"-   Beautfully  rendered  computer
imagery which started out as a watercolor.For reasons hard to place,
this looks a bit like the work  of Georges Rouault. The stained glass
style operates successfully with this natural  religious kind of magical
realism.   Albert  Pinkham Ryder  would  have  approved of   this one
no doubt!



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