Afternoon Despatch & Courier April 12, 2000
Hi -Tech Art
Digital Art Show at Nehru Centre

 The 2nd India International Digital Show is on at the Circular Art Gallery, Nehru Centre. It was inaugrated by former sheirff of Mumbai, Naan Chudasama yesterday.

The show which is sponsored by www.MumbaiMart,com and organised by brings together the artworks of several Indian and International artists.

Among the highly rated artists displaying their works at the Art Show are Dr. Rodney Chang, Ansgard Thomson and Gregory Hoose from the USA, Catherine Yakovina from Russia, Kolha Tatic from Yugoslavia, Atsuro Seto of Japan, Linda Martin, Australia and Akbar Padamsee, Jaideep Mahrotra, Ankur Gupta, Samit Madan, Yogi Chopra, Gaurish Savant, from India. Abstract, psychedelic and sharply etched, the artworks exhibited at the Show are am amalgamation of stark colours and an imagination which transcends the obvious.

Geometry blends into a special array of rich hues and 3D effects with visual hypnotic experiments achieved through Corel Draw and Photoshop.

Digital Art as an art from is at its embryonic stage. However, Digital Art is winning audiences worldover and is encouraging a new breed of cyber talent. And since Mumbai is fast becoming the fountainhead and hub of cultural transfusion, but natural it will be the favourite haunt for techno savvy artists and art lovers. The Digital Art Show which is co-sponsored by the Afternoon Despatch & Courier will be open till April 17.

The First India International Digital Art Show was held between December 11-17 1999 at Oxford Bookstore Gallery, Calcutta.