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Media Coverage = A+
covered by much of Asia


The Statesman

The Telegraph- story and
daily listing in cultural section

The Economic Times




Star TV - Star Plus: Good Morning, India - national, includes broasting in
Pakistan, Nepal, Bangledesh; major network also broadcasting out of Hong Kong

To Bronson-  Rod and I appeared today in Star Plus: Good
Morning, India show at 7 am local time and later again
at 9:30. Interview recorded earleir at Oxford... today
watched by millions across the Indian sub-continent...


Zee TV - top news station of India and surrounding Asian countries


ATN (Bengali) TV - broadcasting out of Hong Kong




India Today - top national weekly, designed like American's Times and Newsweek magazines.

Inside/Outside - national Indian interior design magazine; show extended from 17th to 18th so they could
review the works for an article in the publication; reporter Mrs Kiran Grover; feature story for
February 2000 issue (5 pages, full color art reproductions)

insideoutcover.jpg (8506 bytes)
To national article



Lecture by Pygoya

Announced date and time in US Consulate American Center bulletin to membership





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