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A Review of the 1st India Digital Art Exhibition

pygoyacover.jpg (18737 bytes)
Pygoya, USA, 1999

Inner Visions 2000


by Kaylor Bach


An historic art show is taking place in Calcutta during December. For the first time in the century - and the last time in the Millennium! The digital artists come from all over the Earth. And they represent many diverse traditions and trends in art. This collection is all from the heart kind of art. This is not a techno-art exhibit. These are the poetic artists who labor incessantly to realize their own inner visions. The list includes a Russian artist, Catherine Yakovina whose work is passionate, spiritual, and personal. Yugoslav Kolja Tatic paints ornate surreal cityscapes nearly devoid of all life and hope, but somewhere...hope is hidden in the corners. The Taiwanese, Tony Tseng,   works with photographs of the the tropical metropolis and adds a touch of dream light and ultra-violet stardust ! This could be the city of the future or of some ancient civilization. From India, Yogi Chopra has the real thing...his picture "Man" is one of the most striking images of the entire show.  Here you can see a "different" approach to electronic image making technology as diverse as the cultures around the planet.

If you don't have time to go to India in December, YOU CAN GO, via the Internet. The show will remain online at this Web site indefinitely to archive this important event in India's contemporary art history.  There are two Hawaii artists in this show. Dr. Rodney Chang, known on the Internet as Pygoya, and Larry Lovett, first computer artist of Hawaii. The place to view this show in the comfort of your home or office is:

as hosted by
Truly Virtual Web Art Museum  on the Internet



The featured artist is Pygoya, who has created 12 new works for this show. The work covers a lot of artistic terrain, from Fauvism through Futurism to Magic Realism, as  well as his own brand of Abstract Expressionism!  Lovett's work resembles Georges Rouault and Edward Munch. The love of color and light is what seems to activate his vivid imagination. Both of these artists have  shown in museums and gallery exhibitions of electronic-digital-web-art since the mid eighties. The World Wide Web is a visual medium, more than a sound medium.  It is a picture box that can send an image around the world in 80 nano-seconds!  Now that we have the equipment we need   the pictures to put on all of those screens around the world. Cyber Art, Web Art, Electronic Art, Computer Animation... These are the picture making techniques that are happening in the world today. We still have every previous technology as well. And we still love every previous technology as much as we ever did.  The world is a global village now. We all live in the same circle of huts. We share our images and our poetry electronically. We express the age-old longings of individuals, and nations and races and worlds! We communicate with words. and we communicate what words can't express with pictures!  Art is not dead. Its alive and well -  in our computers!


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