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Dear Dr. Chang,

It is with great pleasure that we, at the Oxford Bookstore - Gallery,
Calcutta extend our greetings to you, and all the artists who will display
their work in the Historic India 1st International Digital Art Exhibition.

We are, indeed, honoured that your group has chosen Calcutta as its first
art venue in India. This is not surprising, since Bengal is the art capital
of India. You can be assured of a warm welcome and an enthusiastic response.
The Electronic Art, though not an unfamiliar concept, has not had much
exposure in India as yet - so we expect this exhibition to generate a great
deal of interest.

Please do convey our greeting to all the artists in the group, and we
sincerely hope that some of them will be able to attend the show.

Looking forward to having you with us soon,

With best wishes,

Maina Bhagat

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