Iowa, USA

Gregory Hoose


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Flying, 1999





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Garuda, 1999





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Sitaglen, 1999



>From the Ramayana, Sita is pictured just before her capture by Ravana.
In my rewrite of the Ramayana Sita is levitating in bliss with her
animal friends.


>From the Ramayana, Garuda the eagle is telepathically communicating with
Sita, who has been captured by Ravana and is in his flying car high
above the jungle.


It is reputed that a woman has actually levitated in the United States
using a Meditation enhanced program. This is she.

Biography of Greg Hoose
507 S. 3rd. St.
Fairfield IA 52556
515 472 6306
November 5, 1999