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Exhibition Online Catalog of Works - Truly Virtual Web Art Museum
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of all works in the exhibition

Inner Visions 2000
A Review of the India 1st International Digital Art Exhibition

Expanded Full Version of Show Review


Catalog Page 2 - Hawaii - Pygoya, visiting artist
Catalog Page 3 - Hawaii - Pygoya, visiting artist
(continued works)
Catalog Page 4 - Australia - Linda Martin
Catalog Page 5 - Canada - Ansgard Thomson
Catalog Page 6 -  India -Yogi Chopra
Catalog Page 7 -  India - Shubhojoy Mitra
Catalog Page 8 -  Russia - Catherine Yakovina
Catalog Page 9 -  South Korea - Song ki Sung
Catalog Page10-  Taiwan - Tony Tseng
Catalog Page11-  Thailand - Parinya Tantisuk
Catalog Page12-  United Kingdom - John Rixon
Catalog Page13-  United States - Gregory Hoose
Catalog Page14-  United States - Larry Lovett

Catalog Page15-  Yugoslavia - Kolja Tatic