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First of all please accept my hearty congratulations to all of you for being a part of the 1st ever International show to be held in India. Thus a dream which was envisioned by Dr. Rodney Chang has finally seen the light of the day. India now has entered the portals of the Art of the future- Digital Art, with the exhibition taking place in Calcutta, one of the premier art centres of India. And now, my friends, it's the turn of Mumbai to host the Show as a follow-up to this event. I am proud to announce that efforts are now underway to organize the next International Digital art show in Mumbai.

I hereby solicit your enthusiastic cooperation and help and extend a cordial invitation to participate in this event. In the hope that the event turns out to be an immense success,

Yours truly

Yogi Chopra.


Sponsor/ Organizer- First Indian International Digital Art show)


I am Yogi Chopra, a resident of Mumbai, India. My interest in Computers and the Internet has led me to believe that Digital Art IS the Art of the Future. I have therefore developed my site- which aims at creating awareness about this form of art in India, where it is still in it's nascent stages. The site provides a platform to upcoming and professional artists from India and abroad.