Online Documentation of the historical

lst INDIA International Digital Art Exhibition
celebrating the arrival of the new millenium 2000

December 10 -18, 1999

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Victoria Memorial, Calcutta

at the Oxford Gallery in Calcutta, India

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Media coverage: Telegraph, Statesman, and Economic Times newspapers, Zee TV News,
Star TV -Good Morning India Show, ATN (Bengali) TV; India Today national weekly magazine;

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Traditional Indian
Candle Light Ceremony

The Documentary Exhibition Online Catalogue of Works

The Gallery's Printed Catalog (Resources for catalogue production

Scanned Actual Gallery Show Catalogue

Other Online Coverage of Show - sponsored by of Calcutta
"India's first Cyberart Webmuseum"- a prodigy of this historic event


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We have at least three more Indian cities to
hold the exhibition at: Gangtok, Sikkim and Darjeeling
(all in Eastern India) and also, if possible, Bombay
(Western India).
- from Shubhojoy Mitra, Calcutta, Jan. 4, 2000


News article: Nehru Centre exhibit, Mumbai
The 2nd India International Digital Show was held in April 2000 at the Circular Art Gallery, 
Nehru Centre. It was inaugrated by former sheirff of Mumbai, Naan Chudasama


Pygoya Mumbai Statement

Special Online India Exhibits

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Contemporary Indian Art by Eleena Banik

Mother Theresa Works by Ritu Singh

Pygoya Photographs - Calcutta at the Millenium

Pygoya's Post-Calcutta Trip Exhibition
uploaded March 2000

Cacutta in Transition Photography show- by K. Ankira

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Curator/Cyberartist Pygoya in India,  1999



Oxford Bookstore & Gallery
Curated selection of world artists
and sponsor of prints and frames
of all works in the exhibition

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Calcutta's lst  server and ISP
Sponsor of exhibit color catalog

Maui Giclee Print Company
donor of Pygoya giclee prints to
US Consulate American Center
and Oxford Bookstore & Gallery's
Permanent Art Collection


Virtual Gallery of Digital Art
logistics and coordination of
exhibition and hosting Pygoya

An Indian online perspective of the event
by  visiting Bombay artist, Yogi Chopra

The idea of a global exhibition is wonderful,
I already see from the  on-line cyberart for India..
those paintings are like maps... 



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