by the Webists

An online exhibition by Truly Virtual Web Art Museum
sprayed online:: April 2007

WARNING   -   Images submitted from public places from around the world have not been
edited or censored. This exhibit includes vulgarity, nudity, and imagery and scrawlings that 
may be offensive to some adults and is definitely not appropriate for minors -even if the
 graffiti  exist in real life in the public places of the world.


 In the 1990's I photographed a lot of murals painted by one of NYC's best known Graffiti Artists, Chico.  Since then, I've made Chico a website at  I have branded all of my photographs in this site, and I just spoke with Chico's business manager, and he said it's ok for you to use these photos, as long as you provide a link back to Chico's website. - Jon White, New York, USA


























Pamela Keener (photographer), Denver, Colorado




Pamela Keener (photographer), Denver, Colorado




Pamela Keener (photographer), Denver, Colorado






Kevin's eatery, Kalihi, Central Honolulu, Hawaii




Honolulu H1 freeway exit at Houghtailing Street



More Graffiti  - a display in progress