Georg Hübner



Fractal- and Photobased Digitalpaintings



Georg Hübner born 1962 / I live and work in Vienna/Austria

 In 1993, after many years in music, I turned to photography. Impressed by the expressiveness of high-quality fine art prints, I devoted my initial years to the fundamentals of photography and my interest for positive and negative dark room techniques.

In 2002 I slowly changed from classical analogue to digital photography. Many of the expressive possibilities, before only obtained through incredible efforts in the dark room, were now at hand, and yet more precise and time-saving than previously.

Up to now I’ve dealt intensively in creatively combining digital photography with different fractal, - rendering and image-processing programs. Most imaginative and oratorical images issued from this time.

Artworks are presented online and in solo and group exhibitions in Austria and Germany.

Member of the Webism group. Winner of the MOCA Donnie Award 2005.



To create realistic reflections of my surrounding environment never was my aim. I would rather like to show the things between and behind. Trying to make my thoughts and perceptions visible is a contenting and thrilling way to create my digitalpaintings.

With the motto "everything is possible! - possibly is everything nothing?" I feel my way ahead, image for image. My own photos, foreign material - exchanged through the web, altered or left unchanged, partially or completely taken over...

To give fantasy free rein, to unabashedly refuse to reject unusual material to the cyber-bin, the possibility to continuously change and yet adhere to the original idea - all this has led me into a new wide-open territory.