Dr.Hans-Georg Tuerstig's translation of Frankfurt Exhibition 2003; the exhibition's announcment - invitation design by Norbert Strippel


Art Connecting the World

International Exhibition
Computer- and Internet-Artists
October 4th – November 11, 2003

Art Connecting the World

Art connects people. People all over the world, no matter which language they speak, are addressed according to identical, indeed human patterns, and dividing lines fade away.

The relatively young medium Internet offers the perfect stage for digital artforms und their representation in worldwide contact with people in many different countries.

WEBISM is the artform of internationally creative and innovative artists, which has begun its irresistible triumphal march. To let people experience art simultaneously around the globe, to exchange it and let it speak. To connect people. To ask questions and last but not least to question meaning.

WEBISM is nothing for initiates.
WEBSIM is a borderless form of expressing artistic creativity on a very modern platform. WEBSIM deserves to be noted in public. And thus renowned artists from all over the world decided to bring their artwork together in one place and to present it in a grand format.

Picture in front:
"Art Connecting the World”
by Norbert Strippel

In order to do justice to the claim of a cultural and international exchange, the Web-Artists meet for a "Midisage” of their work.

On November 3rd at 5 pm in the Airport Conference Center at the Frankfurt Airport.

You are cordially invited.

Also present on November 3rd, 2003, will be Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya) from Hawaii, the founder of WEBISM, who on his first European Art-Tour will stop at the Airport Conference Center.

We'd like to cordially invite you to the exhibition

Art Connecting the World

October 4th until November 14th, 2003
At the Airport Conference Center at the Frankfurt Airport (across from Terminal 1).

Monday to Friday,    7 am – 9 pm
Saturday        9 am – 6 pm

By car / parking
The public parking garage of the Frankfurt airport can be used by the guests of the Airport Center, with more than 10,000 parking spots.
The best way is to drive into the parking garage immediately next to the FAC 1, entry P2 or P3. On level 8 of the parking garage, there is a direct crossover to the FAC 1, in which the Airport Conference Center is located.