Wecome to the EHCC
2002 Internatinal Cyberart Exhibition!


The East Hawai'i Cultural Center has the pleasure of inviting you to participate in the first "International Cyberart Exhibition" in the state of Hawai'i. The show will be sponsored by the East Hawai'i Cultural Center, a non-profit organization serving the Hilo area since 1967 and curated by Pygoya (Dr. Rodney Chang) and Dr. Sudha Achar.
In a sense this was a "juried show," as each artist had to be invited into the exhibition.
Even thought the actual hung exhibit is January 4 to January 25, 2002, this online catalog will remain a permanent and accessible archive of this historic exhibition for this city of the Hawaiian islands.

The EHCC galleries, named the best galleries on the island by a local paper, are well known for showing innovative and cutting edge art from all over the world. They attract veiwers from all over the world.  The Center is in an architecturally designed, attractive building on the U.S. national historic registry, centrally located in downtown Hilo, the second largest city in the Hawaiian Islands. It faces a picturesque park, established in the time of King Kalakaua with ancient banyans, palms and magnolias. The Big Island has the extraordinary Volcano National Park and the fabulous Kona and Hamakua coasts as well as many other natural attractions. With its sparse population and polynesian culture, it is the destination of thousands of discriminating visitors who are then drawn to EHCC art exhibits. Attracted by the natural beauty and fascinated by the energy created by the formation of new land from lava reaching the ocean, many world class artists make the Big Island their home.

 We welcome you to our island and take pride in hosting the "International Cyberart Exhibition" to start the New Year. Warmest greetings for a great holiday season,


 Sudha Achar, M.D.

 Chair, East Hawai'i Cultural Center

January 4, 2002