January 13, 2002


Submitted for next EHCC newsletter-

The Cyberart exhibition opening reception was truly a historic milestone for Hilo and the state of Hawaii. I was truly honored to represent all the international artists participating in show. I welcomed the opportunity to publicly thank EHCC and especially its Chair, Dr. Sudha Achar, for their support and vision of the significance of cyberart to world fine arts culture, outside and within online cyberculture.

I am excited to announce there has been surprising developments of EHCC's exhibition. The online show catalog (at www.lastplace.com/EXHIBITS/EHCC/ICE2002/introduction.htm) now serves as the common meeting ground and nerve center from which many of the cyberartists are planning to do the identical show- by printing out the images and exhibiting it in their own countries! EHCC is delighted to "share" this exhibit which will always include in its title, "East Hawai'i Cultural Center." So, although the exhibit was originally conceived to showcase great digital art on the Internet for the people of the Big Island, now it is becoming a historic world tour that spreads EHCC's name and cyberart appreciation mission abroad! 

All exhibitions will be limited to 2002. Two artists, both of Germany, have volunteered to become Coordinators of the "traveling show," working with the artists to coordinating dates, planning details and assisting with support issues. They are the industrious and inspired Ingrid Kamerbeek and Karin Kuhlmann. A poster, to be designed by Karin and financed by myself, will list all the countries, show sites and dates and be downloadable from the catalog web site. Currently approximately 10, or close to half of the artists, have expressed interest to assist in replicating the EHCC show in their own countries. Go to the online catalog's "Coordination of World Tour" section to watch developments unfold.

If EHCC keeps this up, it can become not just the center of digital art for the state but one of the most important cultural institutions of the world for this new art medium. World artists and tourists will come to visit EHCC someday to see where it all started. I HAVE A DREAM, and that is to finance an annex exhibiting space, possibly modified warehouses on a couple of acres off Volcano Highway, that exclusively house a permanent collection of digital art. As far as I know, other than The Computer Museum in New York City, this would be the only other museum space dedicated exclusively to this art medium. I envision that it would include a high tech art education center, traveling shows and of course a gift shop.

I'd like to see EHCC apply for a grant with government to establish such an innovative tourist destination for visitors who love the Big Island, art, and high technology. Foster cyberculture here and Hawaii will further succeed in its goal of further nurturing its emerging high tech economy. 

Dr. Rodney Chang, 
Director, Truly Virtual Web Art Museum