2002 Digital Art Awards
Thu, 17 Jan 2002 22:03:13 +1100
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World Digital Art has just been revamped - it now loads super fast with hopefully a more user friendly design - CLICK: - we are also working on a new flash site to be launched shortly.

The results for the International Digital Awards (IDAA) are now online - congratulations to Yann Minh French artist, film
maker and science fiction writer who won the Laurence Gartel Award For Excellence. The IDAA is sponsored by Epson
Australia, Digital Photography & Design magazine, ArtistScope/CopySafe Software & artcache.

You can see the the final 2002 IDAA exhibition at The IDAA will be touring
as a hard copy exhibition across Australia then internationally to Russia and the US.

We would like to thank all the artists who entered the IDAA and look forward to your continued support for 2003 - details
launched soon.

We are now accepting submissions for the guest artists gallery. If you would to exhibit in this space simply provide your
URL for review and we'll get back to you - it free!

Steve Danzig Director of World Digital Art will be touring the US from March 2002 and hopes to meet as artists as possible
- "...If you would like to catch up please drop me a line" at

Congratulations to LAURENCE GARTEL "Digital Art History":
I was sent the book "La Storia Dell' Arte" just published in Florence, Italy by Editions Giunti, (c) 2001.

It goes through the entire HISTORY OF ART from cave paintings through Mesopotamian times, Michaelangelo, Botticelli,
Neoclassicalism, Impressionism, Matisse, Fauvism, Cubism,Picasso, Gustav Klimt, Futurism, Chagall, Dadaism, Surrealism,
Magritte, Abstract Expressionism, Pollock, Pop Art, Warhol, Neo Expressionism, Basquiat, leading up to the last medium of
New Visual Language, and the last page: "GARTEL: COMPUTER ART!!!"

Congratulations to Dr Robney Chang for presenting the 2002 International CYBERART EXHIBITION in
Hilo/Hawaii/USA - Read press release below.....

If you have any news you wish to share with the art world we can include it as a part of our newsletter - 45,000 members!

All enquiries:

On behalf of East Hawai'i Cultural Center I extend a warm ALOHA! to all who view this exhibit, both at the museum as
framed prints and/or as original digital imagery in a perpetual online show catalog.
Through the task of combing the worldwide internet for accessible digital art, the exhibit took its form with the combination of
digital talent of 24 invited artists. This show at the dawn of 2002 provides a present day porthole to survey some of the
diverse digital art that is mushrooming to proliferate the Net. And why so? For one thing, it's the most economic means for an
artist to place personal self expression unto a world stage. The array of works verifies the radiating artistic results possible from
a common source of commercially available graphic tools.
By going through the show one will experience new awareness of how much progress have been achieved since the 1960s
beginnings of personal computers. Besides this show of maturity of the digital medium, a criteria for selection includes the
exhibit's aim to capture some sense of local cultures, a sense of nature evolved through digital means, some work that mirrors
us, and the harmony of the abstract - the cornerstone of good formal composition.

One cannot help but come across artwork with reference to the tragic events of September 11th, 2001. It is the nature of the
artist to react to things and events around him. Some such works are included.
The main goal of this show in physical space is to provide a sampling of impressive works that bear witness to "cyberart" - art
that only exists on the Internet, thereby indigenous to online "cyberculture." Within the context of this exhibiting space, success
is also measured by audience reaction to this digital imagery as no different from any other medium of art. Although the framed
works are "reproductions" of the original online digital works, they foster public appeal within the context of the ambiance of a
formal museum presentation.

For those who do not "surf the web," maybe this exhibit will inspire effort to go online and follow the development of this
exciting and emerging art medium. If anything, at least link to the online show catalog's internet address to return to the show in
perpetuity. Return to the Center's homepage for information on the 2003 International Cyberart Exhibition of East Hawai'i
Cultural Center, now the foremost institution in bringing the world of good digital art into the awareness of the Hawaiian people
and visitors to this island paradise.
I also take this opportunity to express appreciation to East Hawai'i Cultural Center and its visionary leader, chairperson Dr.
Sudha Achar, for support in providing the world digital art community with a formal museum space to annually showcase our

Rodney Chang, M.A., MS.ED, Ph.D
Curator of cyberart exhibition for EHCC
Director, Truly Virtual Web Art Museum