Exhibition Computer Art

Dear Mrs. Kamerbeek,

With great interest I read about your artistic activities and the
invitation to participate in the “International Cyberart Exhibition” and
wish to cordially congratulate you. It is a matter of great joy for us to
see a citizen of Sonthofen as a representative of Germany at this
international exhibition. We will gladly report about your distinction in
the city information brochure “Der Sonthofener” as well as on the

Naturally we would also be glad if you would introduce yourself and your
artwork during an individual exhibition in Sonthofen. Thus, we’d like to
invite you to present your work in the lobby of the town hall or perhaps
one day at a special exhibition in the “Heimathaus” as well.

May you continue to experience the joy of your artistic activities. We
wish you success in the exhibition and recognition for your further

With best wishes,
Hubert Buhl
(Mayor of Community)