Dear Ms. Imke Bösch,

I have been suggested to write to your organization about our museum's 2002 international cyberart exhibition. It's "cyberart," not digital art. Cyberart is "art created for display on the Internet as formulative visual arts online cyberculture. Digital art is everywhere, such as on television and in magazine ads.

I write to first introduce our wonderfully successful exhibition that opened at EHCC on January 4th. The global exhibition, including two German artists, is the first of its kind in our American state of Hawaii. The online catalog is available at-

The show has stirred the artist into networked action that is new to the way artists work together internationally. If you go to the above site, there is a section whereby the artists are organizing, with the guide of the museum, a 2002 WORLD TOUR of this exhibition. In a month or two, all the active exhibits should be declared for the poster that the artists will produce that lists all exhibitions. It is our hope that Munich, cultural center of Germany and Europe, can be included as a site of the show. Ingrid Kamerbeek of Bavaria is the main Coordinator of the Traveling Show and can be contacted for any interest or following up

information- (IuTKamerbeek)

 I hope you can mention this historic cyberart exhibition in your prestigous publication and assist in bringing the show to Munich, all at the museum's costs and the invited artists.

Rodney Chang, MA. MSED, DDS, PhD
Curator, global cyberart show, for East Hawaii Cultural Center (Dr. Sudha Achar, Chairperson,
Director, Truly Virtual Web Art Museum (since 1997)