I saw the works that were exhibited (for some reason I got lost in the walk through section where the
works were viewed through glass frames). Good selection and can be nicely viewed on a monitor -- the
question would be the size of the monitor. We have an Education Center (part of the San Diego County
Board of Education) with a 10 foot (or so) monitor. At some point that could be an event location. 

At this point, I did get the name of the person who coordinates for Borders Bookstores here in San
Diego. I will call her and discuss the possibility of using there location for 1) a monitor display, 2) the
possibility of having actual prints, and 3) probably a discussion and invitation to the public -- they host
such events on a regular basis. I'll let you know the receptivity and logistics. If it works, I could
envision a showing at many Borders Bookstores throughout the U.S. -- hosted by local artists/art
supporters. What is also important is public education as well as exhibiting individual artists. By the
way, Borders Bookstores allows for sales of CDs at their events. Down the road, artists could contribute
their images to the Cyberart festival to raise funds for widening the recognition of the event -- also,
perhaps a more democratice way of "purchasing" art. While this approach wouldn't give great $$$ to
the artists at first, it could become an alternative for getting high quality art for the public at lower
costs. Or maybe the cost might become the same, but control might be different. Hmmmn . . .