Where We Live - Catherine Yakovina


     I think it is very interesting idea to show the place where artist live at present time. It will add understanding to art which he/she creates.

     I live in small city near St. Petersburg. It was residence of Russian tsar Peter the Great. Often people tell that Peterhof is the capital of Russian fountains. Also Peterhof has name of "Russian Versailles". Perhof was founded in 1710 by Russian tsar Peter the Great. The word "Peterhof " has translantion as "The yard of Peter" by German language. I love this city which has many parks, palaces and fountains. The main parks are Low park and Upper park. Peter the Great was the first architect of Peterhof. He created a lot of sketches of plans for Grand Palace, Low park, Upper Park. I am sure every person will have much pleasure by visit of wonderful Peterhof.






























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