We Cyberartists have a pipe dream. Through our art, best fitted to the digital 
network that the spidery Web is, we pipeline our "cyber"-works for 
"cyber"-culture's sake that is globally prevalent. When I first established a 
presence on line for my "Truly Virtual Web Art Museum" in 1997, I had difficulty 
finding good digital art online to fill the virtual gallery spaces with international 
computer art. It was pretty much a vast e-wasteland. But it held the promise that 
scores of digital artists would soon arrive to claim this new realm of art 

     And yes, today, they pervasively inhabit this exciting, proliferating 
cyberspace! There is now such a diverse richness online of cyberarts that I am 
proud to be part of this pioneering first generation of artists that are providing 
culture unique to the Web. 

     "Cyberart," according to my thinking and mission, is digital art that is created 
exclusively for viewing, appreciation, and experiencing, on the Internet. Imagine 
the power to now be able to share your feelings, ideas, as artist with anybody on 
the planet, bypassing the bottlenecks that museums and galleries are, in the 
democratic distribution of art for public visibility. All one has to do is conform to 
the medium of expression that best fits this electronic modality, the computer, the 
network, the boxy screen. Not all artists, especially the sculptors, take naturally to 
this beckoning new art medium . But for me, like a fish to water, it was a natural 
extension from "computer artist" (1985-96) to "cyberartist" (1997- present). It just 
took a change of commitment from printing-framing-nailing-hanging-on-the-wall 
to merely uploading new works to my web pages. 

     Now a new milestone for all cyberartists - the EHCC World Tour of 
cyberartists, disciples for the new art only visible on the Internet - now 
downloaded, printed out, to reveal themselves to those who only see in the "real 
world"- outside the inner space of online existence. Hopefully this will open eyes 
and show more the path to the hidden dimension of new art just a fingertip away, 
lying buried, like hidden treasures, on their desktops.


Pygoya, for Pipedreams exhibition at Lincoln Center, NY, NY

January 30, 2002