An Exhibition of the EHCC Cyberart World Tour!



March 7-24, 2002


By Fernanda Steele



The panel of the EHCC Exhibition as exhibited in my Solo Exhibition which opened on 7th March at the Art for Life Gallery of the Head Office of Jamaica AIDS Support, 4 Upper Musgrave Avenue, Kingston, Jamaica. 

The panel is a 96"x48" thick plyboard, painted black (matte) with a green/gold painted frame. It is divided in two parts: on the left is my Activity in the Forest framed. On the right are the images of all 24 participating artists. Each image bears its title and the name of the artist. In the centre is the Caption of the EHCC Exhibition. In the right bottom corner is the list of all artists (names, e-mail addresses and urls). In the left bottom corner is a note on the EHCC which I have written and which reads: 


This 2002 International Cyberart Exhibition was held on 4th-25th January in the Mauka Gallery of the East Hawai’i Cultural Center in Hilo, the second largest city of the Hawaiian Islands. The Center is well known for exhibiting innovative and cutting edge art from all over the world. The Exhibition was sponsored by the EHCC and curated by Dr. Sudha Achar and Dr. Rodney Chang. 24 artists residing in 21 different countries were invited to participate. 

Dr. Sudha Achar is a painter, sculptor and psychiatrist originally from Bangalore, India who has been the Chairperson of EHCC for a number of years. Her work has been exhibited in various galleries in the United States of America. 

Dr. Rodney Chang, also known as Pygoya to the cyberworld, is a dentist, a dancer and a cyberartist who has also worked for a long time with the traditional/manual tools as painter, sculptor, ceramist, photographer. He has held numerous exhibitions in various Museums and Galleries world wide. He turned to computer art in 1985 quite by chance through a friend and has since established an international reputation which makes him a truly “legendary” figure in this field. He holds some ten degrees, five Masters, two Ph.D.s; he is featured in Who’s Who in the World and Who’s Who in America. His energy seems to know no limits, constantly engaged in expanding the horizons of
cyberart.  He is also the Director of Truly Virtual Web Art Museum ( a site which in itself is a mine of information and insights into computer art.  With the view of making computer art better known to art lovers in general, Dr. Chang has also called on all participating artists of the EHCC 2002 International Cyberart Exhibition to work towards that aim. 

The panel exhibited here is a response to that call. 

Plans are also ahead to make the Exhibition a travelling one, under the title of EHCC CYBERART