Pygoya's latest images (done with 3-D software) have expressionistic colors wrapped onto cubist shapes set in phantasmagoric environments. The lighting is other-worldly, the images fleetingly angelic, the mood is apocalyptic, and the time now.

A whirlwind tour of art history, topped with hot-fudge and chopped nuts!!

An over-view of the future, a cross-section of the past, a blend of contemporary flavors, and a catalog of divergent tendencies all blended into panoramas of the dreams and visions from the inner-world of this artist pioneering the cyberRange with his sidekick, his trusty computer.   This is a voyage of inner discovery and poetic vision, is  cross-pollinated by art history and digital technology!   We are witnessing a recapitulation of the entire 20th century of European and Western art!   We see in Pygoya's panoramic imagery elements of abstraction as they have manifested themselves in Cubism, Expressionism, Fauvism, and Abstract Expressionism.    Grafted onto these European roots are American 3D vines. The fruits of these labors are what you see here in the collection of new works...     

Pygoya's recent 3D electro-paintings posses a gem-like luminosity
emanating from the interior of the pieces themselves. The surfaces are encrusted with a
crystalline patina which refracts and radiates back what light strikes the surfaces from afar.
This combined inner and outer lighting works well with the translucent materials out
of which these bas-relief murals which exist in electrono-sphere of our shared digital-reality.

While most "computer artists" busy themselves with illustrative and photo-realistic
imagery, Pygoya explores the inner life where dreams, visions and memories
live, move, and breathe. These works of cyberart have a life of their own. We find ourselves
with the artist, inside looking out from these "cities of the interior" .

If art is to be more than a snapshot of external conditions and everyday situations, it has
to go into the inner life of the artist. Here we find the unique, the surprising, the illogical,
the poetic, the irrepressible and impractical urges that we all feel but seldom acknowledge!
Artists are the brave explorers of the interior of the human psyche (psyche means soul), so this
is the REAL , soul-searching , honest-to-goodness, unvarnished stuff! The soul of the artist
laid bare.


Larry  Lovett, MEd, Columbia University,  December 1999

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