20th Century Farewell Exhibition


As digital artist or simply "artist" I have arrived at 2000 - after a 15 year journey in quest of mastering the opportunity of developing in a new medium, that of high tech tools in a box.

Timeliness was on my side to embark into the 21st Century with imagery of this evolved caliber. A body of works literally multiple generations beyond original imagery, many done with now extinct systems that were limited to only 16 colors in "hi-resolution". Like genetic material, digital graphic data have been spliced, cloned and mutated in order to derive the pieces in this show. Besides the idiosyncratic persistence of an individual artist that brands his style, success has evolved by jumping personal computers and its software has they came and went through the decades (80s, 90s).

Here is unveiled works of art with the heritage not only of digital imagery stretching back to 1985 but also the hybridization of Western and well as Eastern historical art antecedents. What you see (only here in the Cyberspace of the WWW) are the results of the long term effort to bridge digital art into a Cosmopolitanism that blurs the border between traditional medium and the digital, as well as deletes cues to ethic or national origins of the works and its artist. I view it as a global style that contributes unique and indigenous visual art into online Cybespace, while with the same blow, offer credence to the digital as unequivocally a form of Fine Arts.

May this exhibition actualize for you new artistic experience that touches discovered new chords of feelings and depths of awareness that has always been present within yourself. And specifically for fellow digital artists, this body of works is a gift of inspiration for your own heroic efforts to make digital, cyberart, THE "art" of the Internet, as well as for the brick and mortar art world, as we embark into the 21st Century.



Happy New Century to All and fast forward Peace to the World in the next Millenium!




* AA, Art, Triton College, Chicago, Illinois, USA
   MA, Paint and Drawing, Northern Illinois University, Illinois, USA
   MA, Computer Art, Columbia Pacific University, SF, California, USA
   PhD, Art Psychology, The Union Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA


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