Pygoya has fallen in love with paint again.

It reminds him of his youthful optimism as a

painter starting out on a life-long" Marathon of

Art!"  Who among us would be ready to say that

Oils and acrylics have had their day?

Not me, I was subverted by the smell

of oil paint a long time ago.

People get ready, the time has arrived when

we should take a second look at all of

those "traditional" media!  Heresy you say!

I wonder?

Was Rembrant on to something?

with all of those Huge Gobs

of oil paint?

And then VanGogh!!

Not to be outdone...

(by a fellow Dutchman, no less)

painted with even more paint than

anyone ever thought possible.

Monet went all the way.

He used a trowel to ladle on the paint!

Thick paint.  Heavy paint.  Dripping on

everything,  the light switch, the mirror,

the sheets, the carpet your wife's undergarments!

And... OUCH!   Its on the COUCH!

Lest we loose our happy homes to chaos,

some moderation is in order!

Painting is fun,

However, this harmless pastime

can quickly become

a menace to household order

and domestic peace!

Oil paints, varnishes, solvents....

all very dangerous stuff. 

"This stuff could

Kill Ya, kid."

The devil can take

the hindquarters! 

Look out Cleveland!

Painting is making a comeback!

And our lives will never be the same!

Pygoya is just a bit ahead of his time,

like he always has been!

Only this time he is...

Leading the charge,

with his



Cheers, Pygoya, onward and upward!


Larry K. Lovett, Waialua, Hawaii