Role Reversal - Paint to Digital
Pygoya, April 2005  

         A friend's introduction  

In the paint studio at Waialua, I tried to remain in a digital artist's frame of mind. How I develop imagery using software served as the decision making frame of reference for brush and palette knife building of the composition.  Instead of thinking paint I attempted to imagine moving pixels around. I strived for what paint programs aim for, the simulation of painted surface.  OK, I admit always "clicking" the brush handle.  - Pygoya

Reading your "Beyond Computer Art" guess it's your soul painting no matter if on a computer or real life. It's you. No matter which media. No matter if 2D or 3D or else. You found your creative language. Thatt's the way it should be. That's the real artist, no matter if on computer or canvas, sculpting or else.  - Ingrid Kamerbeek, Germany

I was surprised to see all the beautiful art you created on Saturday night, April 16th. Your art style has truly evolved to a higher level. I still find it amazing that you can produce so many "masterpieces" in such a
short period of time. You are definitely a creative art genius! Very impressive indeed. Plus, I must admit you fooled me, Rod....I thought all those art images were generated on the computer. I couldn't believe you actually painted them with oil paints!  "WOW! Simply Amazing!!!" is all I have to say.
=)      I thought it was digital like you always do.  - Verna Ing, Office manager, Hawaii

It's computer art.  - Rose, nurse, Hawaii

It's BEAUTIFUL!!!! - Hildegard Shushido, Hawaii

You have such a great talent for abstract painting! I viewed all of your newest oil paintings and I call them "abstract expressionism". When I saw your paintings, I still felt the same big movement and the bold strokes (as your digital art).  That's your style. I think you can paint model with this kind of style, more wild than Soutine.
I also like your  colors, especially those pure color, very brave and harmonious . The palette knife strokes look very nice. Keep going; I love to see more of your expression paintings!
  - Tom Tong, M.F.A., classical painter/leading American portrait artist

            Display of works - a celebration of "painted pixels"