APRIL 1- JUNE 30, 1998

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Jarek Starenda (below)


John Rixon


Jarek Starenda


Before I started my adventure with digital graphics and imaging
about 3 years ago, I had been involved in different forms of photography
(landscape, portrait, experimental). My first digital images were based on my
own photographs, then I discovered that computer and all that wonderful
software gives me unlimited freedom of expression and experiment. Since then my
camera has been mostly used for family and vacation snapshots.
My work includes:
- illustration for record industry
- posters
- club flyers
- limited edition Iris prints
- other types of graphic design and imaging

I am also co-founder of web design company which has started operate just few
months ago. This is all I can write about my artwork. For more philosophy etc.
see my images. In addition to that I would like to thank RODNEY CHANG for his effort
and hard work, also to my fellow artists which I have pleasure to be with in the same
exhibition. I would like to dedicate this extraordinary event to the memoryof my
mother Krystyna. She will be my inspiration forever

From the Artist's Web site

Ever since I can remember I wanted to create some kind of visual
art. In my early years I had tried to draw and paint but without any
success or satisfaction. My mind was full of ideas but my hands
couldn't transfer them in to the paper. Then I started to experiment
with photography. This was closer to my way of expressing myself.
I could play with lights and shadows, change them to make few
versions of the same structure and finally choose that "perfect" one.
About four years ago I purchased my first computer. Loaded with
early version of Adobe Photoshop I started to discover new
creative ways of image conception and manipulation. Digital art
gives me unique chance to explore endless possibilities of the
human mind armed with the machine. Wide array of computer
software allows to experiment in many exciting ways and complete
freedom of expression. A lot of my inspiration comes from
surrealism and abstract art but most of my images are created
intuitionally. I just let my imagination take over...

Jarek Starenda


Lifeform 01



Lifeform 02



Lifeform 03



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