APRIL 1- JUNE 30, 1998

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KADE (below)


The Work

Much of my work revolves around simple throw-away concepts that cause
people to think or smile. I like to put a bit of humour into each piece.
Many of the works refer to each other or to an episode in my life. I am
not keen on realism except as a aid to irony. I like to think that my
work would be most suitable as posters or t-shirts for students.

Prints of my work exist but few were sold. Somehow, I never found the
will to try and convince poster/gallery owners to store my prints -
expensive and much too personal. Flyers with my designs have been
scattered in the thousands over the streets of London, a very gratifying
experience. The most rewarding of which was to watch clubbers on Ecstasy
stare unbelievingly at my flyers in UV light as they headed for the cold
reality of morning.

About Kade
Some thirteen years ago, driven by an obsession with video games, I
started doodling on the computer. I found I was able to approximate the
bold lines and bright colours on paper - during class I was never
without my box of pencils. Soon I moved on to 3D graphics - a natural
progression for someone obsessed by geometry and harsh lines.

A short time later I started formal Art education and expanded into more
traditional media - never losing that computer generated feel. As I
developed, I was influenced by the likes of Dali and Magritte and began
forming a visual vocabulary of symbols and themes that inhabit my work
to date. I also developped a hunger for spending money on hardware - the
curse of computer graphics.

On completing my degree in Computer Science I decided it was time to get
back into graphics and spent a few months building my portfolio with
working in a games company in mind. This was a very fruitful time - I
did logos, flyers, personal work and was even asked to show my work in a
local CyberCafe (Cyberia). This was my first web page (1995) and opened
my eyes to the potential of the web - something I had ignored with the
release of Mosaic.

Finally I had a chance to work in the multimedia industry and I realised
that my work was too personal to sell or suffer the whims of clients. I
decided to step back again and become involved in more technical work.
I'm now a web programmer and have decided my graphics will be more
fulfilling if I keep it to myself.

Thanks to Rodney Chang for this opportunity to share my work with more
people on the Internet.

Artist's comments from his Web Site

Most of these pictures have been created for my own pleasure.
I see so many graphics that are technically excellent but
lacking in life and personality. All my pictures tell a small
story, they are not a result of "'s a cool new tool!"
and making some mindless illustration to display my knowledge.
Rather, I get and idea and have to get it out of my system.

I started creating computer images on a C64 a long, long time
ago. The 3D graphics stuff started on my 1MB A500 and my money
has disappeared into hardware and software ever since. When I
saw Netscape 0.9 a few short years ago, I thought that this
was the best gallery medium yet - Cyberia Cybercafe allowed me
to create a gallery web page... and here we are! No more TV,
huge phone bills and a whole lot of fun.





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