Renata Ratajczyk

Artist's Statement


This show is about travelers of the Multiverse constantly travelling through
different worlds, lives and experiences. In these travels we reach variety
of worlds, as we know them now, as well as those we could only imagine they
exist. It is a constant journey to discover and improve ourselves, as well
as the worlds and other beings we encounter.

This show is particularly dedicated to Rodney Chang's (the Webmaster of this
gallery) parents, who were his great friends and teachers. They have left
Earth to continue their journey of discovery. Let them travel in peace.

Biographical Information


Renata is photographer and digital artist. She does fashion, fine art
portraiture, as well as editorial, travel and advertising photography. She
has developed very painterly, imaginative, often surrealistic style
frequently combining photography and painting. She often enhances her work
by a variety of techniques including hand-colouring and digital imaging.

Her work has been published in a variety of magazines, on book covers, in
calendars, on greeting cards and has been used for advertising. Renata has
her own stock library, as well as is represented by several stock agencies.
Her studio is located in Toronto, Canada, but she also likes working on

She has received numerous awards and her fine art work is in possession of
many art collectors.

Renata's work is available for sale and the artist is  also interested
in working on assignment


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