How to conjure or "see" the stereogram 3D effect

Hold the picture close to your nose, so that you cannot focus. The picture should be blurred. Slowly
move the picture away from you to a reading distance. It is important that the picture remains blurred
and your eyes unfocused during the move; if not you should try again. Try to be relaxed. When the
picture is at reading distance, stop and wait. After some 10 seconds, the 3D effect may just appear!

Also consider attempting to look through or past the scren's surface. Try to focus on an imaginary spot behind the screen, or inside the monitor.  Another trick is to look at your screen image cross-eyed. Instead of focusing on any particular area of the image, attempt to look at the whole picture at once and out of focus.   Lastly, don't try too hard, just relax! Once you "learn" how to look at stereograms it's easy and you never forget how to conjure up the 3D effect.


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