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John C. Macpherson
Chaotic Fractal Artist


Artist’s Statement

It seems everything I have ever done has led me to the creation of visual
images using the computer as my primary tool. I have an M.S. in Aerospace
Engineering. I worked in that field for 20 years. About that time, I decided
what I wanted to be when I grew up and went back to school and earned a
degree in Visual Arts. After working as a professional artist for the next 20
years (mostly in blown glass) I purchased my first computer! I discovered
fractals, Adobe PhotoShop, paint programs, Kai Power Tools, etc. For the first
time in my art career I was able to combine my analytical mathematical skills
with my creative artistic talents. For me, a new art form had emerged!

I started out by making the usual fractal images and then modifying them
heavily with image-manipulating programs like Photoshop to obtain the
compositional and color arrangement to express my desired content for each
work. Now, I can usually create and modify my own formulas to obtain my
desired result with little or no modifications. This ability has been exceedingly
difficult to achieve. Just try to make fractals do what you want them to, and
you will see what I mean. My end results look like non-fractal fractals.

The content of my work usually bounces back and forth between two subjects:
a metaphor concerning the increasing complexity of daily living and abstract
representations of extraterrestrial subject matter.

As to the formal considerations of my work— I attempt to combine all values,
all intensities and all hues of color in one work. Also, in the same work, my
compositions will usually combine hard-line edges with gradual blends.
Negative and positive space sometimes are completely interchangeable. Two
compositional elements I try not to use are horizontal and vertical lines as they
negate the content of what I am trying to convey.

John Charles Macpherson, April 2000.


A fractal based exhibition with results based upon the
artist's total life experience in many different art media!

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