Bernhard Keller

Art Catalog of VRML Exhibit in Cyberist Hall of the Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart

Digital Spirit
September 6, 1999- January 2000

About the Artist
Show Statement

Painting means to me:
meditation, inspiration and imagination.

Three philosophical aspects thereby play a central role:


LOVE - and -


LIGHT - in the fullness of all terrestrial colours shows all the

possibilities of expressing human moods and spiritual presentiments
of light or darkness.
In the silence of observation the internal light is also kindled, with

all its refractions.

Thus the illumination of the spirit arises by intuitive observation

(Mandalas, beings of light or visions of the world...).
Or we experience the illumination of the heart through
growing love.

LOVE - is the engine for hope and the belief in what we
see as correct, necessary, beautiful or intended by God.
Only in the love for our task, whether painting, or our job, or our

love for someone, can light triumph over darkness in us.

LIFE - consists of light and darkness. In our artistic expression, in our

choice of colourful contrasts and forms, as well as in the moments in life
which are full of light we are constantly having to decide whether light
triumphs in us or darkness. Here we are dependent on light and love:

ONLY BY THE LIGHT (in our hearts) can we realize, how life is and

how it should become.

ONLY THROUGH LOVE can the illumination of the spirit take place;

it helps us as a signpost on our path in life, to make meaningful
decisions and to be at peace.


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