Bernhard Keller

Art Catalog of VRML Exhibit in Cyberist Hall of the Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart

Digital Spirit
September 6, 1999- January 2000

About the Artist
Show Statement

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My name is Bernhard Keller, I'm 51 years old and
live in Cologne. I'm working as a teacher in a
special school for emotionally disturbed children.
As a balance for this hard work I gladly make
music (playing the flute in an orchestra with 70
members consisting of pupils, music students and
semi-professional laymen), and I paint pictures too.

At school and later with friends who are
architects, I learned traditional painting with
many constructions features:
Watercolors, perspective drawing and working with
wax mark pins.During my holidays, mostly in the
montains ( climbing in summer or skiing in winter)
I always was painting in the evening, sitting
together comfortably with a glass of wine whether
in restaurants or in our hotel.

With time I developed my own "Mixing Technology"
step by step ( watercolor painting + flourishing +
etching + colors of light-glaze-transparency or
wax on materials like cardboard, canvas, or rough
watercolor painting paper with different structures).

After my discovery of the computer in 1991 I
transferred my "Mixing Technology" to this new
medium, thus enlarging it with many new computer

Now it's wonderful to create two different sorts
of pictures: One way of my painting is to create

natural images, so that you are not able to
recognize the use of this digital medium.

Other creations will be painted by using all sorts
of filters and various features of my software in
such a way, that the use of these possibilities is
obvious at the first view.

From all digital picture files I make films which
can be enlarged to 50 x 60 and I now print on

my A4 color laser printer too. Recently a special
photoshop makes pictures on A0-plotter.

My pictures are exhibited regularly in Cologne,
and within a radius of Cologne (Erftstadt, Brühl,
Bonn ...). As a member of an "Artist Circle" of
teachers I also run weekend workshops where I show
people various possibilities of painting and they
can train this versatile artistic and medium,
working with a PC and grafic tablet. I hope to
motivate visitors and also other teachers to use this new

medium in digital painting with there pupils at school.

I also demonstrate my "digital painting &
foto-composing" at other art exhibitions with my
"Artist Circle" of teachers. Above all I'm always
fascinated by young visitors, who paint
uninhibitedly there pictures with the computer and
then proudly take home there printed expressions.



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