Pygoya at the reception
@ Bishop Square, Downtown, Honolulu July 2, 2004

Manager praised Py's works, said "everybody loves your work"



oil on canvas, "Moonlight in Fuchan," Amiga design, 80s



a 2004 oil, using Bryce, Photoshop and various other programs, listed at $3,000 US; reclined figure, Pygoya



another major piece of Pygoya's "Pixelism" period in 80s, early 90s; oil on canas simulation of pixels, 6x4'



Pygoya, Cyberartist



Cyberpainting oil on cavas, "Royal Cloak," Amiga 1000



Py's "Sacred Mountain," note Indian to right, pixels elongated in lower left, American Indian inspiration, oil on canvas, 6x4', Mac CX, 1990, Pygoya



"Spining Tornado," oil on canvas, Mac CX design, Pixelpaint, 1990, Pygoya



"Upstream," note fishheads as they struggle upstream, also association with 
Hawaiian tikis, Amiga design, 1980s, Pygoya, oil on canvas



Sandra and Alex visit the show



Alex with Aunt Verna who was gracious to take all these photographs 
for show documentation and online posterity.  Thanks, Verna!


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