Pygoya at the reception
@ Bishop Square, Downtown, Honolulu July 2, 2004

"Three Sisters," oil from Amiga 1000 design, Deluxe Paint, Ham Mode, 80s, Pygoya



oil on canvas, "Sea of Life," Amiga design, 80s



Another Amiga desined oil on canvas, all around 6x4'



Asian Central (Target), Amiga designed oil, 16 color palette, DeLuxe Paint by Electronic Arts



Reception area of Che Pasta; oil on canvas and Pygoya portrait



The street front of Che Pasta, located in ritzy Bishop Square of downtown Honolulu



a historic Pixelism painting, Amiga designed, painted "pixels" on canvas, 6x4', Pygoya



"Lantern Mountain," oil on canvas, imagine torch fisherman spearing hand held torches in
low tide Hawaiian shores



Busy lunch hour at Che Pasta with Pygoya works adding to the ambiance of the dining experience, July-August 2004


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