About the Artists Contributing to the
Cyberculture Art Museum


Jeff Thomas Alu, Sunrise in Cyberspace, inducted 1998

AnimAlu Productions- 3-D animations, renderings

On Sunrise in Cyberspace-

This image came out of the concept of Cyberspace itself, a world
"trapped" within computers and phone lines. Basically my question was 'how
could this world possibly be "dark", with so much going on within its
confines?' "Sunrise in Cyberspace" is an optomistic glimpse into this inner

Yep, I used to be an astronomer. Well, before that I was a musician, went to Eastman
School of Music where I majored in music composition/piano performance. Then I took
some time off from school and became an astronomer for a while. An astronomer with an
interest in 3D graphics, but who still did music. Next, I went back to school at Chapman
University in Orange, CA to finish my music degree, skipping class occasionally because,
well, really I was still working as an astronomer, and even though I finally graduated with a
degree in music, I found myself becoming more and more interested in 3D graphics, but not
necessarily less interested in music. Or astronomy. So, last time I checked, I am a graphic
artist by profession who still does music, and still digs astronomy, but what I really want to
do is direct.

Be sure to check out the Eastman School of Music Composition Department Hompage as well as
the Electronic and Computer Music Center!

Jeffrey Thomas Alu
633 San Leon
Irvine, CA 92606
Home: (714) 261-1179



* Production of high quality video graphics and
animation sequences.
* Experienced in music composition and audio
* In-depth knowledge of 3-D Studio Max, and
many of the IPAS and plugins involved, including
Character Studio.
* Knowledge of many other related graphics packages
such as Vistapro, Fractal Painter, Photoshop.
* Able to work independantly or in a group setting.
* Able to work quickly and efficiently.


* Production of 3D animations for the SIM Spaceprobe,
part of JPL's Origins Program
* Creation of real-time 3D Environments and characters
for "Pretzel Pete" by Stealth Productions.
* Creation of 3D Environments for "Zork Grand
Inquisitor" by Activision.
* Creation of 3D Animations for major CD-ROM presentation
at Epoch Internet.
* Creation of 3D Envrionments and animations for
"Casper - the Interactive Adventure" by Morning Star
* 15 second animation sequence for Brett Leonard
movie, "Virtuosity", released in August of 1995.
* 2 1/2 minutes of animation for JPL video, "Origins."
* Lead 3D artist/animator for the "Herbie Hancock
History of Jazz" CD ROM produced by the Graphix
* 3D modeler for "Virtual Simpsons" CD ROM
* Creation of Real time 3D Environment of a velodrome for
cyclist training for UltraCoach.
* Animator for a stereo-3D presentation for Philips
produced by Pyros Pictures.
* Two and 1/2 minutes of animation for JPL video
"Mars Global Surveyor".
* 3D modeler/lead animator for "Nixon", a CD ROM
produced by the Graphix Zone based on the movie
by Oliver Stone.
* RG/A Interactive, 3-D modeler for the Citygolf
project, an interactive golf game.
* Contracted by Graphix Zone, Inc., 3-D animations
and stills for "Highway 61", a Bob Dylan
interactive CD ROM.
* Still images for Universal City Walk's large
Astrovision screen Television Production.
* Title sequence for Dick Clark's "American
Bandstand Bar and Grill".
* 20 Sec Animation sequence of a comet evolving
into an asteroid for JPL's "Martian Mysteries" Video.
* 4 animation sequences totaling 2 1/2 minutes for
Jet Propulsion Lab's Pluto Fast Flyby Video.
* Titles for "Food and Fitness", a nationally
broadcast cable television show.
* L2/Paramount World Wide Web artwork for
* movie "Virtuosity" released in August of 1995.


04/93 - Present Contractor with "ANIMALU PRODUCTIONS" Orange, CA
as Computer Animator / Audio Specialist

02/91 - 04/93 JET PROPULSION LAB Pasadena, CA
Research Assistant, Planetary Sciences Division.


1989 - 1992 BACHELOR OF MUSIC, CHAPMAN UNIVERSITY, Music Composition
1984 - 1986 EASTMAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC, Music Composition/Piano

Pygoya, aka Rodney Chang, Cybertomb, inducted 1998

Artist's Home on the Web
Gatekeeper for LightHome Hawaii, member of world R2001 Art Ring
Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart


Earl Hinrichs - master fractal fine arts digital artist, Boise, Idaho, USA, The Net, inducted 1998

My art is purely digital. It is created with computer programs that
I write.

The images I create are not based on reality. They do not model
a physical reality, nor are they abstractions or impressions of
something physical.

My programs are mathematical in nature. The mathematics of
chaos play an important role in the generation of these images.
However, the mathematics is merely a tool to generate the art.
These images do not depict a mathematical concept. I use
mathematics to create and manipulate the shapes and colors.
I create and discard many images, tuning the results until I
arrive at something that resonates with my emotional state.
Hopefully the viewer experiences similar emotions.


Electrons. The new art medium.
Computer chip designers, manufacturers, programmers, and ISPs conspire to create the world's largest canvas. It is called
cyberart. The canvas is the net, and we paint it with electrons.

---Earl Hinrichs, 1998


KADE (Jeremy Gaywood), UK, Shrine, inducted 1998

A shrine to the shrines littering the Web. Gillar Anderson somehow signifies this more than any other person.

She is Gillian Anderson (aka. Scully) of the X-files. She represents the
genre of the 'shrine' web site. She is admired by all of the 'geeks' who
are fans of computers, ufos, etc.

Ansgard Thomson, Alberta, Canada, Farmer's Wife on the Net, 1998, Power Plant in Cyberspace, 1998, Email Addiction, 1999

As a farmers wife living in the Fort Assiniboine area I have been able to be creative in
many different ways.As the coordinator for the local historic site in the late 70s I was
actively involved in compiling the recreational master plan for the area including further
education in the arts.

I had painted before ,but further educational opportunities were brought to my
doorstepps.Art classes were started and I was able to explore all media. I am painting on
my own for a number of years now.

In 1993 I bought the first computer to do the farm book keeping and taught myself to
operate it.

My creative instinct drove me to explore painting with the computer.I did mostly abstract
compositions and design work,cutting pasting color manipulation and drawing to start with.
I just used it as an extra tool in my art work.

I painted with the simple basic Windows 3 paint program and included Paint Shop Pro to
convert files from other programs. Have added since all the programs I could find to paint
with including Dabbler,Fractint and even Crayola ,a children`s program for young and old(I
wish all the programs would not have any space taking clip art or photo paint)

Seattle Film Works Seattle USA and Richmond BC)was the first company I found who
offered free Photo Computer programs and they scanned a large number of photos from
my portfolio onto disk for use with a DOS Program. As a result, I was able to show my
work in a slide show and they are all now stored on my hard drive. Fortunately they
survived my first IBM computer with it's 100 MB hard drive.

It was clear to me that a "personal" computer would give me the opportunity to be myself
as an artist. There was no need to follow others. "A revolution in itself." This includes my
creative independence in designing my own page.

My paintings were noticed at The Artists Den, in New Mexico, by the well known
Canadian artist Robert Downing who informed me by E-mail that he thought I was "The
Senior Canadian Computer Artist on the Net," In my opinion he is the leading force in
digital art exploration in Canada.

The Internet has opened a whole new world to me and it has helped me to discover that
painting with the computer has been explored by others. I can only imagine what artists
like Picasso and Matisse would have done with this incredible tool.

Last month( Sept 97) I added a Digital Camera "Mavica" from Sony to my tools.This has
given me a great opportunity to get the photos faster into the computer.I also was able to
take photos from 3"x5"printings of my paintings.

The most difficult thing in working with a computer is , that a lot of time is needed to keep
up to date with the operation .

Curriculum Vitae

Ansgard Thomson
Box 8
Fort Assiniboine Canada,ALberta,TOG 1A0
TEL:(403) 584-2345

Ansgard(ne Kilger)was born in 1923 in Silesia,Germany.The part of Germany
is Polish today.She grew up surrounded by art.Her father painted in
watercolours and her uncle was a well known Silesian painter in oils.
Her brothers and sisters were also exploring art in one form or another.
She claims that her early influences gave her a lifelong interest in art.
Her secret desire to enter an art school was not practical at that time,
she entered nursing instead.
After losing everything at the end of the war,the attachment to art became
very strong(when everything lost its values the artists spoke an appealing
She socially entered the art circles in Germany and later in Paris,
where she worked for 10 years.She found the painter`s circles intimidating,
(Woman were never considered great artist`s)so she limited herself to
contemplation and greatly enjoyed the many art shows Paris had to offer.
She married in 1970 after working in Edmonton for 11 years and moved to the
Farm in Fort Assiniboine in 1972,while working as a coordinator for the Fort
Assiniboine Museum and Recreational Planning, she came in contact with
Margaret Nadeau,who was teaching art in the area.
She has taken classes from Margaret Nadeau from 1978 to 1988
She also started working on her own.
She explored pen and ink, acrylics, watercolors,oils, mixed media
and colored pencil and lately computer art.
Her first interest was historical illustration, due to her work for the
As a Member of the A.C.A.C.A.(Community Arts Club Association)and
the Fort Assiniboine Art Club,she participated in group shows since 1980
and had many works selected at juried ACACA Shows.
She had her first painting chosen in the Alberta Wide juried show in
Red Deer Alberta in 1984.
In 1987 she won the Lillian Nunn scholarship award.
Ansgard had her first solo show at the Barrhead Public Library the same year.
In 1993 she entered A.C.A.C.A. juried zone show in Redwater,
in the senior advanced category,after winning first prize
in a special juried show in High Prairie in the advanced category in 1992.
She has taken advanced courses in Westlock 1988-89
U.of A.Extension - Don Bagan
U.of A Extension Seniors Program - Paul Braid
U.of A Ext.Westlock - Gisela Felsberg
Workshops Barrhead & Fort- Assiniboine
- Gisela Felsberg
- Meredith Evans
- George Weber
- Ilda Lubane
- Susan Calvin
- Jerry Heine
- Jim Davies 1993
Canadiana Galleries - Feb.March 1991
Represented by Canadiana Galleries until its closure in 1992
Public Collection - Fort Assiniboine Museum
- Ponoka Hospital 1990
1993 ACACA Redwater - 2 works of 3 selected
1994 RED DEER " IN TO THE GARDEN"- 2 works of 5 selected
Ansgard is working on her own for a number of years and had several
commissions and privat sales.


Earl Hinrichs, Idaho, USA

signal, firewall and destination, inducted in October 1998; these 3 works also premiered in the artist's solo exhibition at the Rave Webmuseum of Cyberart in November 1998.


earlportr.jpg (11961 bytes)


My art is not created with traditional tools. It is not even created with
traditional computer art tools. I write the computer programs to create the

My programs are similar to programs for fractal and chaos. I make heavy use
of mathematics. But I view the software as tool to explore the mind, not to
explore mathematics.

These images do not depict a physical reality. They are not abstractions of
a physical reality. I try to create patterns of colors and shapes that
resonates with something in my mind. I try to touch something inside, and to
reach that point without any external references.

The creative process reflects this approach. I do not visualize the final
work when I start. I start with a vague idea. I begin to shape the idea. The
process involves tweaking formulas or parameters. Sometimes the shaping is
directed, I am trying to achieve a desired result. Other times it is
experimental or exploratory, the result is discovery. Most of the time, the
process is a blend of crafting and exploring. Most of the time I do not know
if the final image was the result of planning, luck, or some unknown force.
I use chaos to get to places that I could not get to by other means.

In this light, the computer is not a tool, but a collaborative partner. The
union of the computer, the math, and the mind becomes natural. And
cyberspace is the perfect canvas.

I have used cyberspace as the theme for this show. As you view the show,
remember the art was created first, then named for the show. Do not let the
names limit what you see in the images.


Earl Hinrichs,  statement for the Rave Webmuseum of Cyberart solo exhibition, 1998


Gardiana - also known as Tony Tseng of Taipei, Taiwan, is a talented multi-media artist who studied fine arts in Nottingham, UK. Maintains site with his paintings, photography and digital art at www.gardiana.com. His signed art postcards are available at Snailmail Cards.


A level Art [U.K.]



Bournemouth & poole College of Art & Design [Foundation Diploma]<U.K.>



Nottingham Trent University Fine Art [BA]<U.K.>


The 12th Cleveland Drawing Biennial<U.K.>


The 3rd Tainan City Fine Art Exhibition<Tainan/Taiwan>


7/march~28/March 1998

My 1st solo painting exhibition [GARDIANA] at

Front Art cafe[Taipei]


Ki-Mei Art foundation young artist award final list [Tainan]


WCA'98 [World Contemporary Art 98]

29/30/31 May

at L.A. Convention Center

received an annual best of show award for the painting---after dark  <U.S.A>


Started to build my first homepage (Gardiana Original) at Geocities
this is currently my on line portfolio and showcase
and the 2nd homepage (Gardiana2graphic),
Group Show at FACT Gallery- Laguna Beach-<U.S.A>
(Gardiana Monthly) Vol.1 was published
a small press e-zine
present you 6 images every month
31/Oct~14/Nov. 98
Chichester Open Art Exhibition <U.K.>
at Edes House of Sotheby's
member of R2001 project
R2001 Taipei Lighthome was created [the first lighthome from Taiwan]


Larry Lovett, Hawaii, USA

Larry Lovett is Hawaii's first computer artist. He started digital art there with a customized XT system that ran Lumena 8 software by pioneer graphics software programmer, John Dunn, then of California.  Dunn later moved and resided for a few years in Hawaii where together with Lovett, they created the beta version for Lumena 16.  Some say Lumena 32 served later as the prototype for Painter. The artist also converted Pygoya, then known as Rodney Chang, from bronze sculpture and painting to computer graphics with the commencement of an apprenticeship in the medium in 1984-85.  Currently the artist serves as Director of Rave Webmuseum of Cyberart and explores the interface of watercolor painting with his 15 years of computer art experience.  Lovett considers a show at the Smithsonian Museum as one of his major accomplishments. The artist earned a Masters of Science in Education at Columbia University in New York City and later produced a computer graphics animation program for Hawaii public television.


Shubhojoy Mitra, Calcutta, India

Indian graphic artist with probably India's first online image map gallery; includes some digital imager; one of the organizer's of India's Millenium digital art exhibition in Calcutta, Bombay and online.

Kolja Tatic, Yugoslavia - artist/architect of very, lonely desert setting of structures and figures in a peronal distinctive style


Pygoya, aka Rodney Chang, Portal to Cybersapce, inducted 1999

Available Giclee Limited Edition Prints by "world's best Giclee printer", Maui Giclee (formerly Bishop Street Press)


Linda Martin, Australia, Chatroom Regulars - digital and traditional media artist, had solo exhibition in Truly Virtual Web Art Museum, exhibited in group India's historic International Digital Art Exhibition, Calcutta, 1999


Ingrid Kamerbeek, Bavaria, Germany, It's Global Consciousness, 2002 - dynamic, energetic and inspirational digital artist and show organizer, along with fellow German Karin Kuhlmann,  appointed Coordinator of the East Hawai'i Cultural Center's 2002 International Cyberart World Tour


Vijay Kochar, India, Whole World In Your Hand, 2003- retired college professor in sociology; now advid digital artist.