Cyberculture Art Museum
Archival Documentation of the Art


1 Sunrise in Cyberspace, Jeff Thomas Alu, 1998

On Sunrise in Cyberspace-

This image came out of the concept of Cyberspace itself, a world "trapped"
within computers and phone lines. Basically my question was 'how could
this world possibly be "dark", with so much going on within its confines?'
"Sunrise in Cyberspace" is an optomistic glimpse into this inner

2 Cybertomb, Pygoya, 1998

On CyberTomb-

Pygoya suggests the ancient Egyptian tomb and mummy container as an allegory for a long sought timeless place for digital artists; the Internet provides a cyberspace that make their art "immortal" through permanent online exhibitions such as those in Webmuseum Cybercolony. The symbolic visual representation is constructed through the digital art medium itself.

CyberTomb also is a tribute to the Mausoleum Art Museum for ALL deceased artists.

3 The Net, Earl Hinrichs, 1998

My art is purely digital. It is created with computer programs that
I write.

The images I create are not based on reality. They do not model
a physical reality, nor are they abstractions or impressions of
something physical.

My programs are mathematical in nature. The mathematics of
chaos play an important role in the generation of these images.
However, the mathematics is merely a tool to generate the art.
These images do not depict a mathematical concept. I use
mathematics to create and manipulate the shapes and colors.
I create and discard many images, tuning the results until I
arrive at something that resonates with my emotional state.
Hopefully the viewer experiences similar emotions.



4 Shrine, KADE (Jeremy Gaywood), UK, inducted 1998

A shrine to the shrines littering the Web. Gillar Anderson somehow signifies this more than any other person.

She is Gillian Anderson (aka. Scully) of the X-files. She represents the
genre of the 'shrine' web site. She is admired by all of the 'geeks' who
are fans of computers, ufos, etc.


5 Farmer's Wife on the Net & 6 Power Plant in Cyberspace, Ansgard Thomson, Alberta, Canada, 1998


7-9  signal, firewall and destination, inducted in October 1998  (artist prefers no capitals in his titles)
Earl Hinrichs, Idaho, USA
These 3 works also premiered on the Internet in the artist's solo exhibition at the Rave Webmuseum of Cyberart in November 1998.

10 Email Addiction, Ansgard Thomson, Alberta, Canada, 1999


11 Cyberculture & Cyberlife - My First Digital Self-portrait,
Gardiana, Taipei, Taiwan, 1999


12 e-Mail Call, Larry Lovett, Mokuleia, Hawaii, 1999


13 Scrollscape, Shubhojoy Mitra, Calcutta, India, 1999


14  Fountain in Lonely Cyberspace , Kolja Tatic, Jagodina/Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1999


15 Portal to Cyberspace, Pygoya, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, 1999
The featured piece for Pygoya's participation in India's lst international digital art exhibition in 1999 (Calcutta, Bombay)


16. Chatroom Regulars, Linda Martin, Australia, 1999


17. Global Consciousness, Ingrid Kamerbeek, Germany, 2002


18. Whole World In Your Hand, Vijay Kochar, India, 2003