Biographical Information of

Thomas Cappucccio

Professor of Art, Northern Michigan University

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Thomas Cappuccio was born in Italy. He came to the US at the age of 12. 
 He received his BFA from Pratt Institute, and his MA from Brooklyn College 
of CUNY.  He has had an active exhibition record in painting and drawing, 
illustration and mural painting.  He has taught in New York City, at Kendall 
College of Art and Design, the University of Oregon, and is currently Professor 
of Art and Design at Northern Michigan University where he teaches drawing, 
illustration and visual theory courses. He came to Northern Michigan University in 
1975 and served as Head of the Department of Art and Design until 1978. He 
returned to full time teaching where he helped develop the BFA in Illustration 
Program which he has directed since 1979. 

Cappuccio has exhibited widely at the national and international level in 
over 120 juried and invitational exhibitions. This is a brief list of his many 
exhibitions which include: the University of Oregon Museum of Art, Pratt 
Institute, Grand Rapids Art Museum, Arnold Klein Gallery, West Publishing 
Company, Neville Museum, Troy Art Gallery, The Art Group, Michigan Fine 
Arts Competition, Bonifas Art Center, Oasis Gallery, Artworks Gallery, Michigan 
Academy of Arts and Science, Pensacola National Drawing Exhibition, Sixty 
Fifth Annual Exhibition of the Texas Fine Arts Association, Fort Wayne Museum 
of Art, American Painters in Paris, Portland Art Museum. Seattle Museum of Art, 
Mayor's Invitational Exhibition, Salem, Oregon, Michigan Painter's Annual, 
National Society of Mural Painters, Northern Michigan University, National 
Academy of Design, Night Gallery of San Diego.  Gallery of Modern Art, New Mexico.