Nancy Wood - Artist's Statement

Nancy Wood, MFA


I was trained as a painter and have spent much of the last 20 years creating
large scale (average size 48" x 72") oil paintings. I began experimenting
with computer art programs about 5 years ago. The ability to manipulate
colors and create textural effects in the software, coupled with the free
ability to exhibit my work to potentially millions of viewers on the
internet, are only a few of digital art's attractions and benefits. With
new, high resolution, large format digital printing technologies available
which can simulate natural media down to the support textures and impasto
brushstrokes, I believe digital may eventually replace traditional art
media just as automobiles replaced the horse and buggy. While I sometimes
miss the intoxicating aroma of linseed oil and damar varnish, the ease of
storage and ability to reproduce endlessly, and in many different formats,
make digital creations extremely appealing to a creative artist wishing to
spent more time on creating art and less time on storing, dusting,
cleaning, and framing it. In the future I envision artists sitting in
front of their computers with their digitizing tablets drawing directly from
live models, or taking laptop computers with them outdoors to "paint" au
plein air, if this isn't already happening. The possibilities of digital
media make this a very exciting time in which to be an artist.