from Dr. Rodney Chang

Curator, Rave Webmuseum of Cyberart


Welcome students!

At the beginning of the year (1998) I established Art College Gallery as part of the Rave Webmuseum of Cyberart. The Rave's permanent collection is an online growing body of works of exceptional digital art that I have discovered online as I, self appointed "curator," hunt down the best "cyberart" on the Internet. "Cyberart" as I define it is any art that contributes to a sense of "Cyberculture", or cultural experience you cannot find physically on the planet but is instead innate to the Web's "Cyberspace".

Art College Gallery serves four main purposes. First, it provides an online virtual museum space for digital art students to share their work with the world. This experience is invaluable to starting a life of exhibiting that now must also include the Internet. Second, placing the gallery within the Rave domain brings students in contact with the Rave collection which provides them good insight of the medium through seeing the best of our medium. Third, faculty of the students also come in contact with the great digital art presented in virtual reality for a world audience. This gives them ideas of doing similiar Web projects for their own school's Web site. Through this sharing of ideas, the Rave assists in promoting the proliferation of digital art popularity and building Cyberculture itself. Fourth, participating in ACG acquaints the students to all the resources available at for students of all art media, especially The Webmuseum Cyberculture Research Library.

On behalf ot the cyberstaff it gives me great pleasure to welcome all of you as participants of this vritual museum, established in 1996. Afterall it all is really merely a start for your generation to carry the torch further into this virtual art frontier of the new millenium. I can only imagine how this site's efforts will seem so antiquated to all of you decades from now. But as young artistic inheritors of the Internet and its explosive potential for art, I hope you will look back kindly, if not fondly and with nostalgia, at your first Web student show here at the ACG, way back in this past centruy.

And I wonder, who amongst you, will eventually have a future masterpiece in the Rave Webmuseum's permanent collection (which I have set up legally to stay online in perpetuity)?

I wish all of you a fine life in the arts with all the success that goes with deserving talent and persistent willpower!


Rodney Chang,MA,MA, MA,MA,MSEd,DDS,PhD