Selected Works by Ansgard Thomson


January 2008
Truly Virtual Web Art Museum


Statement by Ansgard Thomson about her digital art

January 2008

My works are original digital works made with the computer I am completely self-taught in the electronic media as a traditional artist.

This includes: Digital painting and drawing, digital photography and manipulations, 3D drawings, algorithmic rendering, collages from my own works only. I create original prints in my own studio with Epson R 2400 with archival pigmented inks on fine art papers.

I do not print all works I create, mainly works for shows

or on demand .Anything larger than 13”x19” I have printed

by artists with larger printers.

I also use a digital camera for the last 6 years and I

have done many photo manipulations ,mainly for personal use.

Originally I did traditional art for many years but was inspired to explore art with the computer in 1993, when I bought a computer to do our farm book keeping.
As a colorist my abstract works reflect my joy to explore the brushwork’s possible with the computer. With my interest in modern technique and philosophy of art of our time I communicate my personal perception of the revolution and evolution of art in the new Millennium in Cyberspace and share it with other artists. Abstract composition and design, geometric symmetries as well as asymmetries are my passion to express eventually some metaphysical meaning to my work in progress other than just abstract color compositions.

I also consider myself a web artist. I designed my own website and share some art on my webpage.

I had over 51000 visitors to my website since 1998. I produce some art only to communicate in Cyberspace from my website to promote all digital art forms created with the computer.

The fact there is no limit to the use of the tools in either traditional way of painting and drawing or in the use of filters. Certain images can only be produced with computer software tools to endless variations of form and rhythmic movement and patterns in different sizes and resolutions.

The process is probably the most creative that ever existed in any art production to make a very personal statement and explore the limits of creativity itself.

Full information about me can be found on my website