Selected Works by Ansgard Thomson


January 2008
Truly Virtual Web Art Museum


     It's been 10 years since work by Ansgard Thomson was exhibited at Truly Virtual Web Art Museum at
Work was inducted into the Cyberculture Art Museum in 1998, one year after went online.  The mission was, and still is, to promote digital art within the digital realm of the Internet, showcasing exhibits globally and with the perpetuity of a museum collection.  Later, the artist was selected to do a millennium exhibition for the Web site.  At the time she jokingly said that she was probably the "oldest Canadian digital artist."  Now, at 84, Thomson should be recognized for the contribution she has made to our medium as well as to the Internet cyber-culture.  This invitation to exhibit once more, a decade since our acquaintance as fellow digital artists, is a showcase of her work in digital art over the years. 

      It is an honor to pay tribute to the works and tireless effort of my good friend and fellow artist, Ansgard Thomson of Edmonton, Canada.


- Rodney Chang, M.A., MS.Ed., Ph.D.
  Director, Truly Virtual Web Art Museum


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