Dear Pygoya,

Your Alcatraz series is superb! The pictures give the feeling of foreboding
and darkness. Excellent work.

Ursula Freer, Nex Mexico


Dear Pygoya: Your Art works about the
Rock/Alcatraz is simply astounding, far beyond
any art I've ever seen done by an artist I
personally am acquainted with! Really, you have
captured the devastation, power and bleakness
I went there many years ago when I had a
show in San Francisco at the Mosconi Hall. I went
by launch and climbed all over. Really, you have
made masterpieces here. Your surreal colors and
expressionism is amazing to behold. I love your
acid colors and powerful planes and sweeping
strokes. Really, these works should be hanging in
the museums of the world. Congratulations! Thanks
for showing them. Cheers, Cecil
  Enjoy Spacescapes ArtŪ by Cecil Herring at, Florida


Am I glad you visited Alcatraz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CONGRATS, dear master of expression. Love person  in the prison cell. And Mona Lisa.
And everything you put in it. Only caught a glimpse of it so far but am sooooo impressed.
Thank you

Ingrid Kamerbeek, Bavaria, Germany


I saw last night your massive talent and work
in that ROCK series. I only  hope I can even come
up to a minimum of your level of competence. You
have spent time growing greatly as an artist in
the past 7 years. Amazing how your work has
changed and developed.



This new stuff (new?) is fantastic.  Love it.

We are all prisoners in some way or another.

Yes, it's dark so how about giving us a choice,
a path to choose  (in your work).  That little touch
of green in some corner of the mind where
there's peace and contentment.   

Oh my God....I'm turning into a Pygoya !!

 Monica Loo