Disco Doc's 60th Birthday party - 2005

Rumours Dance Club, Waikiki, Hawaii

way to turn 6-0

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Tons of brains and talent at this table - 2 engineers, a software programmer, a dentist/novelist/artist, famous singer, 
Reverend x-rock band member from Chicago, famous North Shore artist/NYC Columbia U. grad, manager/agemt of famous singer




Let's dance! Chantelle shows her USC Trojan moves



Boogie down!  Clatyon gets down with petite NoryBell



Disco Doc and Erlinda in solo performance



Disco Doc has frequented this club for decades



The Next Gen - guess who is in withdrawal?



Three Gens - Uncle Willy (6 feet, 185 lbs, 75 yrs old) to the left is still hitting homeruns in the senior softball league; Verna dances with avid golfer - Uncle Ernest;
the Tan Chicos boogie-loo to the right






Sylvia in the Cage as the guests fill the floor



Sylvia with NoryBell



Erlinda with Larry Lovett, North Shore artist



Tad, in disco estasy or missing his calling in ballet; visiting from Oregon



Clayton trying to cut in on the ladies



The ballerina performs



One happy family






Allan and Alice visiting from Los Angeles with John and Tootsie Kobelansky to the left



Uncs and Aunts enjoy their meal



Disco Doc with sisters Sylvia (left) and Verna



A wink from Rochelle after she nails her performance



The Changs with Houston, family surfer




Thanks for coming, everybody!


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