THE PAGE-CELL - "RAINBOW", 1997, Pygoya

an experimental html-based animation cyberart project, uploaded online June 1997

This is my idea of "page=cell".  The limitation of Web animation at this time is downloading time.  So Web-based/intended animation is elementary to accomodate bandwidth limitations.  To accomodate the extensive memory requirements to play animation webartists  work tiny to run the imagery quicker from the Internet to the browser's computer.  Image size, detail resolution and color renition are all compromised to display by a reasonable time.  So animations on the Web seem small and elementary, the first generation of computer garphics systems of the eighties.  It's the Eighties again for graphic artists creating for the Web audience.   I attempt a different approach to cyberanimation.  I experiment to work FULL SCREEN , limit information placed on html screens, and include browser's own interactivity with the online art piece.  

"Rainbow & Sun" is a series of html pages, made clickable by the browser at a rate he or she selects, thereby finetuning the cyberanimation according to his or her personal sense of rhythm. and the experience of a new form of art -  online!

Once all page=cells are loaded in cache, then can "flip" pages in either direction for simulated animation by clicking on the browser's "BACK" or "FORWARD" menu buttons as an alternative to clicking on the screen's lower right circular link to the next page.

Just click on Cicle below to "make your own animation on the Web"; depending on your computr, clicking too fast may crash the "animation" -just get back and go slower:)


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